💪Character Progression

The attribute effects are not finalized and may be revised prior to launch.


- A strong game token requires fundamental utility that represents a fair trade between the spent tokens and game utility. - Token utility should be persistent and long-lasting to apply constant demand for token. - Token utility should make more likely future acquisition of token. - Token utility should scale up as more players play, providing a positive feedback loop. Players are incentivized to invite more players who now are more incentivized to spend more tokens who want to draw in more players. - Token utility should be tangible. Best when players can viscerally feel the difference of having spent tokens vs. not.

Character Attributes

- Starting with the launch of "Age of Heroes", EthXY characters will be able to level up 4 attributes: 💪 Strength (STR), ğŸŽ¯ Agility (AGI), 🧠 Intelligence (INT), ❤️ Stamina (STA). - Each attribute has an Attribute Point (AP) range from 0-300. Characters start at 0 AP for each of the four attributes. - In order to increase Attribute Points (AP), players need to collect Training Points (TP). - Obtaining 1 Training Point (TP) requires 1 Hour + 1 SEXY. - Each AP cost linearly increases in TP cost. Strength 1 AP = 1 TP, Strength 2 AP = 2 TP, Strength 3 AP = 3 TP, ... Strength 100 AP = 100 TP. - The total TP required to get to a particular AP can be calculated by (n^2 + n) / 2, where n = desired AP level. - Players can choose to activate training in one or all of the attributes simultaneously. Choosing to train in all four attributes will require 4 SEXY per hour. - Training 0-300 in one attribute will require 45150 TP or about 5.15 years. This will require 45.15k SEXY to max out one attribute. - A total of 180.6k SEXY over 5.15 years will be required to have a completely maxed out EthXY character. - Players interested in having the strongest character in game will want to turn on training upon launch. Step-by-step instructions for how to do so will be coming in the future. Follow @ethxy to be informed.

Attribute Utility

- Given the high costs of training your EthXY character, what is the utility you get in return? - We designed the mechanics such that you can feel powerful when you have a character with high attributes. - Your attributes determine your starting hand in a game of Texas Hold'em. - You will battle boss monsters and other players with their respective hands of Texas Hold'em across a familiar board with a flop, turn and river. - You can start with more than 2 cards on the basis of your attributes. Your attributes change the texture of your starting hand.

💪 Strength (STR)

Corresponds to the rank of your cards. Having higher STR removes lower cards from being selected. This impacts your first two cards.

- No more 2's: STR 25 - No more 3's: STR 50 - No more 4's: STR 75 - No more 5's: STR 100 - No more 6's: STR 125 - No more 7's: STR 150 - No more 8's: STR 175 - No more 9's: STR 200 - No more 10's: STR 225 - No more J's: STR 250 - No more Q's: STR 275 - No more K's: STR 300 Achieving a Strength of 200 would mean your first two cards will consist solely of Broadway cards.

❤️ Stamina (STA)

Corresponds to the number of hole cards. Having higher STA means you get more starting cards.

- 2 Cards: STA 0 - 3 Cards: STA 100 - 4 Cards: STA 200 - 5 Cards: STA 300

Achieving a Stamina of 200 would mean you would get 4 cards. Hypothetically if you were battling a noob with Stamina of 0, they would only get 2 cards. You can imagine what an advantage this gives you.

For experienced poker folks, the Omaha restriction of having to use 2 hole cards does not apply. If you had 4 hole cards, you can use 0-4 hole cards + community cards to make the best 5 card hand.

ğŸŽ¯ Agility (AGI)

Corresponds to the gap of your first two cards. Having higher AGI means your first two cards will be more connected.

- Elimination of 10 gapper: AGI 30 - Elimination of 9: AGI 60 - Elimination of 8: AGI 90 - Elimination of 7: AGI 120 - Elimination of 6: AGI 150 - Elimination of 5: AGI 180 - Elimination of 4: AGI 210 - Elimination of 3: AGI 240 - Elimination of 2: AGI 270 - Elimination of 1 (Guaranteed pocket pair): AGI 300

Achieving an Agility of 270 would mean your first two cards are guaranteed to be neighbors (i.e. J and Q, K and A) or pocket pairs (T♠️T♣️).

🧠 Intelligence (INT)

Corresponds to the suitedness of your first two cards. Having higher INT means its more likely your first two cards will have the same suit (♠️❤️♣️♦️)

- 5% more likely: INT 15 - 10% more likely: INT 30 - 15% more likely: INT 45 - 20% more likely: INT 60 - 25% more likely: INT 75 - 30% more likely: INT 90 - 35% more likely: INT 105 - 40% more likely: INT 120 - 45% more likely: INT 135 - 50% more likely: INT 150 - 55% more likely: INT 165 - 60% more likely: INT 180 - 65% more likely: INT 195 - 70% more likely: INT 210 - 75% more likely: INT 225 - 80% more likely: INT 240 - 85% more likely: INT 255 - 90% more likely: INT 270 - 95% more likely: INT 285 - 100% more likely (Guaranteed suited): INT 300

Achieving an Intelligence of 150 would mean that you would first roll for a 50% chance to guarantee suitedness. If you didn't pass, there's still a random chance to get the same suit.

In the event there is a conflict between the attributes (i.e. it's impossible to have suited pocket aces), the more favorable effect will prevail.

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