💰How to Claim Season 0 Rewards

Disclaimer: The purchase of SEXY tokens or characters does not constitute an investment contract or any form of investment advice. EthXY has no guarantees or promises about the future value or performance of the token or characters, and the value of the token or character may fluctuate significantly.

Also note that it might be illegal for you to own SEXY tokens or characters depending on your jurisdiction, check with your local laws.

  1. If you have a prior EthXY account from Telegram, you can use your email. If not, you can use any email.

  2. You will need to create an EthXY character in order to redeem Season 0 rewards.

  1. You will be asked to select a name. The cheapest names are available at 0.01 ETH. The minimum balance to get started is 0.033 ETH loaded in your EthXY Wallet. If you select a Basic Price name, only 0.01 ETH is used for the name purchase, the remaining 0.023 ETH can be withdrawn immediately.

  1. Once you have created your character, click on the Season 0 Rewards "Verify" button.

  1. Click on "Connect and verify wallet". The system will ask for you to sign an authentication message.

  1. If the wallet connected is eligible for rewards, you'll see details for which activity it qualifies for and the wallet rewards associated.

  1. You can verify as many wallets as you'd like to the same EthXY account by clicking on "Verify another wallet".

  1. Your rewards across all verified wallets are summed together. This will be the total amount that becomes claimable over 90 days. The claimable amount increases by 1/90 daily starting on Dec 20, 2023.

  1. Start claiming your SEXY rewards by playing arena games. The amount you claim per game depends on the denomination. 5 SEXY for each 0.01 eth game, 50 SEXY for each 0.1 eth game, 500 SEXY for each 1 eth game. These figures were selected to provide sufficient margin above the game fee. By playing arena matches, you also enjoy qualifying for future Season 1 rewards.

  1. Each day over 90 days your claimable amount will increase. Feel free to claim every day or wait until March 20, 2024 when all Season 0 rewards vest. There will be a 30 day grace period to claim until April 20, 2024.

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